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High-Quality Custom T-Shirts in San Antonio, TX

At Lone Star Media, we provide our clients with absolutely everything they need for a successful advertising campaign. With this in mind, we go beyond producing signage to offer custom shirts expertly printed at our headquarters.

Our custom T-shirts in San Antonio, TX, feature vibrant colors and personalized designs that empower you to spread your message and raise awareness anywhere you go, just by choosing what to wear in the morning. Whether you need matching shirts for an event or want practical promotional items to share with prospective customers, we have you covered. Plus, our products offer reliable comfort in almost any weather.

Shirt Design Being Printed

Custom Shirt Details

Get an edge on the competition with our customizable shirts. Whether you have your own custom T-shirt design ready to go or need a little help creating the right look, our team of graphic artists is here to help. Once your design is complete, we pass it along to our team of printing experts. From there, your shirts are perfectly designed, printed, and ready to be shipped. For your convenience, we ship worldwide.

Ordering Your Shirts

We’re committed to streamlining our process as much as possible, making it easier for you to get your order filed and filled. Utilizing the latest technology in shirt printing and design, we get to work on your products as soon as we have all the information necessary to deliver the exceptional results you deserve. That way, you wait less without sacrificing quality.

When you are ready to create custom shirts with us, simply reach out through our contact form and be sure to include the following:

  • Shirt Color
  • Date Shirts Are Needed
  • Shirt Sizes
  • Number of Shirts
  • Desired Design

Complete Order Support

 Once we know what you need, our commitment to customer service drives us to provide support through the entire process of filling your order. Buying your custom T-shirts through us gives you the advantage of a dedicated team with a passion for resolving any issues that arise with as little stress as possible. Experience our difference and get the eye-catching apparel you require from the local experts in effective print promotion.

Contact us to place your order or get help from our team. We proudly serve San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.